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The Porsche of San Diego Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!



Shawn Evans

Shawn Evans | General Manager

Shawn Evans has been in the automotive industry for 30 years. He has held positions in all aspects of dealership management, most recently as General Sales Manager at Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village in Colorado. After 11 years of being with the Kuni organization, Shawn was promoted to President/General Manager of Porsche of San Diego. Shawn's progressive thinking, innate ability to generate sales, and unique approach to providing a luxury customer experience, has made him one of the most respected leaders within the Kuni Corporation. Shawn is a passionate outdoor enthusiast and is eager to hit the trails at Torrey Pines and explore the beautiful San Diego coastline on his bike. When you say "hi" to Shawn, you will likely see him with his sidekick, "Dexter", a Jack Russel terrier mix whom he rescued several years ago.


Glenn Anderson

Glenn Anderson | General Sales Manager

There are certain people known in the "Porsche World" for their knowlege and passion for the brand. After spending 18 years in Las Vegas, Glenn has finally come back home to California. He is engaging and enthusiastic about his family (especially his new baby girl), his colleagues, and the growth of this dealership. Glenn will always do whatever he can to please a client and keep them engaged for life. His smile is priceless. Say hello to Glenn when you visit.

Fax:   858-577-2550

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Justin Lopez

Justin Lopez | Sales Manager

Justin, is the unrattled one. Throw whatever you can at him and he'll come back with a professional, diplomatic retort. Enjoying many years in the auto business at various capacities, he's most content going over the virtues of our amazing Porsches with clients of all demographics. Product knowledge and presentation are his specialties. Always attentive to your pre and post purchase needs, Justin is one of those people that makes Porsche of San Diego "a cut above".

Contact directly at: 858-577-2517


Brent Howard

Brent Howard | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Brent Howard discovered his passion for automotive sales in 2004. Brent joined Porsche of San Diego as the Pre-Owned Manager in May of 2015 and since his arrival, has led the Certified Pre-Owned department to record months and is his department consistently ranks within the top 10 Porsche dealerships in the United States. Born and raised in Chula Vista, Brent is a husband and father of three. When Brent is away from the store, his family fosters for the San Diego Pug Rescue and is very passionate about giving back to his community. Be sure to stop in and say hello to Brent next time you visit Porsche of San Diego.

Contact directly at:   858-577-2511

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Angela Sweeney

Angela Sweeney | Porsche Certified Service and Parts Manager

Angie has been with the Porsche brand for 12 years now. Starting in 2004 as a receptionist for a short while she has made her way up the ladder in the dealership through the Service & Parts Departments. From her role as a receptionist she moved on to the Warranty Administrator position in our service department for a few years before taking a position as a Service Advisor. After 4 years as a Service Advisor she took over as our Parts Manager in 2011. She became a phenomena in the Porsche Parts world and is one of the most effective and envied parts managers in the country. With her knowledge and experience in both departments she has recently taken over as our Parts & Service Manager. We are privileged to have her.

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Ray Roper

Ray Roper | Porsche Certified Service Drive Manager

Bringing your car in for service is never a pleasant thing......unless you meet this man. No matter how lousy his day may be going, or what kind of headaches he has that day, Ray will always have a big smile and great attitude for you. He's been with us for quite a while building a huge client base, as well as a fan club. (His Google and Yelp reviews, reveal his character). He knows this business inside and out, will always keep you informed, make sure you are safe in your Porsche, as well as making sure your investment in it is protected. He's a staple here and were so happy he's with us.

Contact directly at: 858-577-2513

Phone: 858.577.2513 • Email:

Dan Silva

Dan Silva | Porsche Certified Parts Manager

There are parts people, then there are parts professionals. Dan Silva is a parts professional. Dan has brought multitasking to the level of artform. He takes care of our wholesale counter, our retail counter, our boutique counter, and just about anything to do with Porsche parts. Detail oriented and surgically accurate, if you need a part, and you need it now, and you need it to be correct, you need Dan. A Parts artist. Don't believe us? Give him a call..........

Phone: 858.695.3000

Amanda Ortega

Amanda Ortega | Porsche Certified Customer Experience Manager

Some folks seem to stand out in a crowd. The way they speak, the way they treat people, the way they "care". Amanda is that person here at Porsche of San Diego. She leaves all of her personal life at the door, and concentrates on providing both clients and colleagues alike with a super experience. Complimented daily by everyone she encounters, Amanda has a bright future here at Porsche of San Diego, and we are so proud to have her on our team.

Fax: 858-577-2550

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

JP Munoz

JP Munoz | Internet Sales Manager - Certified Brand Ambassador

JP has represented the Porsche brand since 2005. He starts his day anxious to meet the next proud owner of a sports car from Porsche, where he really tries to make the discovery of the perfect car-owner relationship the fun in car shopping. He believes cars speak to us. And when you find the right car it's because professionals, like JP, take the time to really explore your personal wants and needs along with the capabilities of the vehicle. When you are excited about your new or pre-owned car from Porsche of San Diego he knows it's a match made in heaven and we have created a valued long term relationship. Backed by an outstanding service department, JP will be here for you, before, during and after the sale. Give him a call and let him put his expertise to work in finding you the perfect car. JP has lived in Nevada, Seattle and now the beautiful San Diego area is his home.

Phone: 206.669.0033 • Email:

Haydn Howe

Haydn Howe | Internet Sales Manager

Haydn has been with Porsche since 2006. His excitement for working with the Porsche brand is matched by his motivation to help everyone who is inspired to own one of the finest cars ever built. When not at work, Haydn can be found running the trails and roads of North County, As an avid runner, he’s always training for his next race.

Phone: 858.577.2528 • Email:

J. Daniel Lewis

J. Daniel Lewis | Certified Brand Ambassador & Design Specialist

Very few in the Porsche business embody all the elements that make the Porsche experience as special as it could be. Daniel is one of those people. Aside from being a super dedicated family man, he is also a car junkie. With a collection of Porsches, and VW transporters, no conversation is ever boring with Daniel. Working hand in hand with German designers, Daniels' tendency to combine "out there" color and option have gained him recognition from San Diego to Stuttgart. In his world, the sky would be purple. His aspirational super power would be to read minds.

Contact directly at: 858-577-2515


Julie Aquilino

Julie Aquilino | Certified Brand Ambassador

Recently transplanted from Porsche in the Northeast, Julie is one of the few women in Porsche sales nationally. Recognized for her knowlege of the product and extensive experience with the Porsche brand, she can put even the toughest deals together and have all parties come out smiling. With sensibilities for virtually every buyer, from Porsche "gear head" to Porsche "soccer mom" Julie is sought out by all serious buyers for her amazing reputation, and product savvy. We're so proud and lucky to have her. Check out her online reviews!

Contact directly at: 858-577-2507


Eric Simila

Eric Simila | Certified Brand Ambassador

Ask anyone in the world of Porsche who Eric Simila is, and they'll tell you he's a walking storehouse of Porsche knowledge. He is a resident expert on all things Porsche, and always willing to take care of new as well as repeat clients. He would easily take on the role of SuperMan if he could posses those powers.

Contact directly at: 858-577-2518


Hanns Gonzalez

Hanns Gonzalez | Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador

Hanns Gonzalez joined Porsche of San Diego in early 2015, and quickly emerged as one of Porsche of San Diego’s top Sales Consultants. Hanns was born and raised in La Habana, Cuba and his scholarship for water polo brought him to California in 2009. Hanns has a genuine passion for speed and everything Porsche related. Say “hello” or “hola” to Hanns, next time you visit Porsche of San Diego.

Contact directly at: 858-577-2535

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Krista Franz

Krista Franz | Sales Consultant

Porsche of San Diego welcomed Krista to the Sales Team in 2015. Krista’s passion for Porsche started early in life, she learned to drive in her family's Porsche 911. After many successful years in the fine art industry, Krista is ready to sell some of the finest art on wheels. Porsche of San Diego is excited to welcome her to the team. Please stop by and say "Hi" to Krista next time you are at the dealership.

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Frank Martinez

Frank Martinez | Sales Consultant

Frank Martinez joined Porsche of San Diego in 2015, and brings with him a long and successful career in automotive sales. Working in Los Angeles and in the Bay Area, Frank held both Sales and Management positions with BMW. Frank has fulfilled a life-long goal to be a part of the Porsche brand, and Porsche of San Diego is fortunate to have added Frank to the team in 2015. Se Habla Español.

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Michael Uchitel

Michael Uchitel | Certified Brand Specialist

Michael is all about the motor sports. Whether it has four wheels or two he definitely wants to track it. Originally from NYC, Michael is high energy through and through. His commitment to customer service is unrivaled and his passion for the brand is second to none. A long time Porsche driver, Michael wants to bring his expertise and commitment to bear for his clients. He's easy to speak to despite his New York background and loves to answer questions about these amazing cars. A more energetic, honest, and helpful salesperson you will not find. We love having him on our team and you will love having him as you advocate. Call him anytime. Cell 801-502-7174

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Matt Gleichman

Matt Gleichman | Sales Consultant

Matt joined Porsche in early 2017.  Originally from the Midwest, Matt spent the last 12 years with BMW in the Chicago Area and Orange County, CA holding both sales and management positions.  Matt Is best known for his professionalism, integrity and automotive expertise.  He is a “think outside of the box” kind of guy and will not stop until he’s exhausted every possible scenario to ensure his client’s needs have been met.  Call/Text or stop by and say “hi"

(949) 636-4049 Call/text

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Austin Bell

Austin Bell | Certified Brand Ambassador

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Austin and his wife relocated to San Diego summer of 2017. Austin has been in the automotive industry since 2013 and found his niche with the best brand in the world, Porsche. Having an extraordinary passion for all things Porsche, Austin exemplifies everything the brand has to offer. Feel free to call or text him! Hablo Español!

Mobile: 503-936-7100

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Amador Santamaria

Amador Santamaria | Sales Support

No one on earth is more thorough about cleaning a car than Amamdor Santamaria. He cleans parts of your car you don't even know get dirty! He has proven to be a vital part of making people happy for over 20 years here in San Diego.

Gerardo Gutierrez

Gerardo Gutierrez | Sales Support

Hard working, proud, and meticulous...these are words that have described Gerardo. A proud papa of 3, he makes the trip from Tijuana to work with us every day. No matter how hot, or how much he has to do, he'll never complain. His only worry is to get it done right. Every day, every time, every job, he does it right. He takes pride in his work, much like a fine artist. With a wonderful and colorful life of travels and adventures he's always fun to chat with. Shake his hand and say hello if you see him.

Ryan Breshears

Ryan Breshears | Porsche Certified Service Advisor

We call Ryan our "Rock and Roll" advisor. An avid rock music fan and devoted father and husband, Ryan almost always has a big smile and firm handshake to greet his clients. Celebrated regularly on our YELP page, He truly cares about his clients, their safety and the preservation of their investment. He knows your Porsche as well as you do, sometimes even better. A straight shooter with a focus on making clients happy, Ryan is a wonderful colleague and superior advisor.

Contact directly at: 858-577-2537


Paul Dolan

Paul Dolan | Service Advisor

Paul Dolan has been in the automotive industry for 23 years and has been a service adviser since 2000. Paul is a native from Escondido and has been residing in Encinitas for 15 years where he is active in his local community. Outside of work Paul is part of Encinitas Rotary, a self-published author, an artist, motivational speaker, father and husband.He loves to go to the beach and surf during the summer with his family. Paul enjoys assisting people with their vehicles in a positive and enthusiastic manner and aims to please.

Phone: 858.577.2501 • Email:

Josh Chaban

Josh Chaban | Porsche Certified Service Brand Ambassador

Josh started his automotive career right out of college as a lot attendant at a Subaru dealership in Pittsburgh, PA. He has worked his way up to become a Porsche Brand Ambassador at Sewickley Porsche in Pittsburgh. Josh moved to San Diego at the beginning of March and has been with Porsche for 2 years. He can assist you with any of your Porsche service questions.

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Marcy Mermik

Marcy Mermik | Porsche Mobility Coordinator

Porsche of San Diego is thrilled to have Texas native Marcy Mernik, with us. Not only is she a great service coordinator, but she's a car person too. A Porsche owner herself, Marcy "gets it!" she understands the pride of Porsche ownership and how important it is as an investment, and source of enjoyment. When it needs brakes, she'll let you know, when it doesn't she'll let you know that too. With a big bright smile and friendly demeanor she'll always make you feel welcome.

Contact directly at: 858-577-2521


Richard  Miller

Richard Miller | Internal Service Advisor

After serving in the US Miliitary, Richard searched to find his passion. After trying different career paths, Richard was fortunate enough to come to us.  With his love for vehicles and his willingness to work hard Porsche San Diego was the perfect fit.

Phone: 858.577.2508 • Email:

Jane Aguilar

Jane Aguilar | Service Reservationist

Being in the automotive industry for over 7 years, Jane has accumulated knowledge about all vehicle makes and models during her time as a service writer. Her passion for Porsche grew stronger when she joined the Porsche Club of America San Diego Region(PCA-SDR) in 2013 and became a proud owner of a silver 2014 991 Turbo. Her “other half”(who owns a 996 40th year limited edition) is the Chairperson for social media in the PCA-SDR. During her free time, you will more than likely catch her and her hubby streaming live feed through social media about Porsche, their son, and their two Jack Russell Terriers. If you need to schedule appointments for service or have any questions, please feel free to contact Jane. 

Phone: 858.577.2549 • Email:

Miranda Guerrero

Miranda Guerrero | Service Reservationist

Miranda Guerrero has been part of the Porsche Team since  2015. She started as a receptionist and moved on as one of our Business Development Consultants. With her 5 years of experience with providing outstanding customer service and many years of study in psychology, she has grown a  passion for helping others. She is excited to meet new clients and grow with the Porsche Team. If you ever need to schedule service appointments, or have any questions, Miranda is always glad to help. 

Phone: 858.577.2548 • Email:

Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia | Porsche Certified Parts Specialist

Parts departments are giant wheels. The only way the wheel can continue to turn is if all the spokes are in good shape. Jose is one of those spokes. Aside from being the face of Porsche of San Diego on the outside, his great smile graces our wholesale accounts daily as he interacts with them. When not helping a shop or independant service center, Jose is making sure outgoing orders find their home, and incoming orders find the proper place on the shelf. A real professional, and super vital part of our team. Jose is one of those spokes, Porsche of San Diego would be "just another dealer" without.

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Terry Jones

Terry Jones | Porsche Parts Delivery Driver

If there was an award for dedication, Terry would win the gold. He takes all of his 10,000,000 responsibilities very, very seriously. Every detail, every day without fail is dead on. A former professional Pitcrewman, Terry's hobby and love is racing, and anything automotive. When he's not tending to some detail, he's watching the Speed channel for the challenge Du Jour. Currently in the midst of a major Hot Rod build, Terry is the guy you want in your foxhole. He does so much for us, it would be hard to think of what it would be like without him. "Spiderman" types powers, with modifications of course would be his desire if granted the pleasure of super powers.

Phone: 858.695.3000

Chase Stephenson

Chase Stephenson | Porsche Certified Gold Technician/Shop Foreman

The shop foreman of any workshop is the core. All operations flow his hands. He is vigilant, in maintaining shop effeciency as well as productivity. Once an apprentice technician himself, Chase was one of our senior technicians before accepting the honor of becoming the shop foreman. Under him, our workshop continues to wow Porsche executives taking notice. He loves to fish, enjoys his great family life, that includes two great dogs, enjoys high powered two wheeled toys, and would LOVE to have X-Ray vision!

Rory Asahi

Rory Asahi | Porsche Certified Gold Technician

Rory has the incredible talent of getting into to very tight spaces. His agility is mind boggling. His love for technical, and problem solving issues makes him the best candidate for great technician. The proud owner of a pitt bull, Rory's super power would be Telekinetics if he were gifted it.

David Huynh

David Huynh | Porsche Certified Gold Technician

David has incredible talent, one of our "Gold"certified technicians that is a cracker-jack problem solver. Once he touches it, its fixed. Every move is well thought out and calculated. He's VERY serious about his craft, and we LOVE that. If he had it his way he would be a champion of MIND CONTROL. Don't let the tough guy look fool you, he's a Teddy Bear, he's also a member of the prestigious Kuni "Technician's Guild".

Jason Strong

Jason Strong | Porsche Certified Gold Technician

Jason has been with us for 4 years. His love of all things mechanical has made him a perfect fit in our troubleshooting team. With keen attention to detail, your Porsche new or old is always in good hands with him. A super power best suited for Jason would be the ability to camouflage!

Roberto Chavez

Roberto Chavez | Porsche Certified Bronze Technician

Roberto has been working at Porsche San Diego since December 2015. He was born and raised here in beautiful San Diego. He graduated UTI in 2008 and has been working in the auto industry as a technician for about 10 years. Roberto is very close to reaching Bronze level certification. Roberto is extremely passionate about everything Porsche especially the classic air cooled Porsches. His favorite Porsche is the 2.7 RS. Some of his favorite past times are watching racing, Jiu Jitsu, playing guitar, grilling, off-roading and fishing. 

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Arnold Daye

Arnold Daye | Porsche Certified Bronze Technician

When Arnold is not working on beautiful Porsches he spends his time with his wife and 5 year old son. He enjoys the outdoors and moving to San Diego a year and a half ago was perfect to scratch his itch. He also enjoys playing and collecting retro video games and has a passion for music. After a successful 8 year military career he left wanting to do something a bit different. He enrolled in UTI to complete their collision and automotive programs. After graduating at the top of his class he was accepted into the PTAP program in Atlanta. He aspires to become Bronze certified within the next few months and after that he plans to set his sights for the Silver and Gold certifications. 

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Eduardo Lemus

Eduardo Lemus | Porsche Certified Bronze Technician

Eduardo grew up working on cars and always enjoyed it so making it a career was a natural fit. He attended UTI for 2 years and then was accepted into the PTAP program where he attended in Pennsylvania for 5 months. He is Porsche Certified and looks forward to becoming Bronze certified. He enjoys working on Porsche, in his own words, they are an awesome car and fun to drive. 

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

James Kresky

James Kresky | Porsche Certified Silver Technician

James has been a technician in some capacity for almost 20 years, from building race cars to robotics. He has been part of the Porsche brand for 5 years now. He enjoys the attention to detail that Porsche shows and that extends to his work. He enjoys teaching and working with apprentice technicians. 

Phone: 858.695.3000 • Email:

Isidro Padron

Isidro Padron | Porsche Certified Silver Technician

Isidro has been in the automotive industry since 2008, when he joined the Marine Corps as a heavy equipment mechanic. He loves fixing anything mechanical. He attended UTI after his time served in the Marine Corps. He got accepted into the PTAP program and moved to San Diego. He is currently a silver technician, all achieved here in San Diego.

Garrett Muir

Garrett Muir | Certified Porsche Technician

Garrett has always had a passion for cars, so turning it into a career was not a tough choice. He attended UTI with the goal of becoming a Porsche technician. Upon graduating UTI he was accepted into the PTAP program, where he learned the ins and outs of Porsche vehicles. Garrett has lived in southern California all his life and Porsche of San Diego was a perfect fit. He looks forward to becoming Bronze certified and further accelerating his career with Porsche.

Arlen Kohrmann

Arlen Kohrmann | Service Greeter

The best way to describe Arlen is to call him a "real gentleman". Polite and respectful of all people, he is one of the people that make Porsche of San Diego so very special. He sets his personal standards high, and in turn, gets it back. Involved in motorcycles, and Bible studies, this young man is quite unique. He's simply a joy to have around and spend our work day with. Such a super team mate, and friend. This guy is one "real gentleman"

Damari Miller

Damari Miller | Client Valet, Lot Attendant

One of our amazing team of attendants, Damari is such an incredible team mate. He is always willing to take on a task, make sure the loaner fleet stays clean and neat, and works hard. He is an avid motorcycle and car enthusiast, and a real live vegetarian! Really! He's actually turned a bunch of us around! Veggie too shabby!