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Porsche Service & Parts in San Diego, California

Our factory trained and Porsche certified service team experts are always ready to help you. You can book a service appointment online or call us at 877-660-2695 and one of our Porsche service advisors will be happy to help you set up your appointment.

Welcome to Porsche of San Diego Service!

Porsche technicians are trained at dedicated Porsche technical centers, where they develop unrivaled expertise in all aspects of maintaining and servicing Porsche vehicles. The training courses are detailed and very demanding – only the best technicians are graduated and then certified. It’s worth noting that only technicians from Porsche dealerships can participate in this official Porsche training. And only a Porsche dealer has the complete set of specialized Porsche tools and computerized test equipment needed for the best, most accurate repair and maintenance.

Disclaimer: * Complimentary Porsche loaner vehicles are offered as replacement vehicles for warranty-related repairs. Porsche loaner vehicles are not available for insurance-related collision repairs. Out-of-Warranty vehicles in for service estimates may incur a usage charge per day, for denied recommended repairs. Visiting owners will be offered a Porsche loaner vehicle at the discretion of management. (Visiting Owner: any client that has not purchased their Porsche from Porsche San Diego).
** All Porsche loaner vehicles are subject to availability. 100 miles free per day. For Local Use Only. **

Porsche Tires FAQ | Porsche San Diego  

How Does Porsche Design & Test Tires?
Decades of engineering excellence and racing are designed into each Porsche vehicle. This includes the original equipment N-Spec tires.  Every Porsche has been designed and engineering with the Porsche N-Spec tire as an important part of the performance and safety of the vehicle.  

Should i Use N-Spec Performance Tires?
Porsche San Diego is the expert in Porsche Tire Replacement.  When it's time for new tires, we ONLY use Porsche approved N-Spec original N-Spec tires.  We recommend fitting your Porsche's all four tires for that vehicle.  Porsche N-Spec tires have an extreme impact on the performance of your Porsche vehicle.  

Porsche Brakes | Porsche San Diego

There are so many models of Porsches today, from 356 to 991, that it is best to check forums and repair manuals for a list of tools, part specifications, and step-by-step directions. At the end of this article are some DIY (do it yourself) links for your viewing pleasure. 

  • Brake rotors (discs): Inspect all the way around the surface and on both sides for any concentric scoring (grooves) or obvious defects. If defects are found, replace your rotors immediately. Any rotor discoloration may be a sign of overheating and more damage than you want to deal with. Take your car to Hi Tec or one of our other sponsors for professional assistance.
  • Brake pads: Generally, rotor scoring matches on the pad. Inspect for uneven wear, breakage, or cracking on the friction surface. If defects are found, replace the pads immediately. 
  • Newer cars have brake pad sensors to warn of pad wear. If you are replacing your pads, it is a good bet that the sensors should be replaced too.
  • Brake drums on older Porsches should also be inspected on a regular basis. You need to remove the drum to do so. The drums should not have excessive grooves or have a deep "trough" dug into them where the shoes ride.
  • Brake shoes on older Porsches should be worn evenly and have no rivets protruding to the friction surface.
  • Check calipers, wheel cylinders, hoses, and fittings for any hydraulic fluid leakage. Inspect the master cylinder, reservoir, and proportioning valve assemblies as well.

Use your ears every day to listen for the following:

  • Know how your brakes should sound and listen for abnormal noises when driving the car. Find a high wall or drive between buildings with your windows down. This makes picking up the sounds easier.
  • Beware of squeaking, which may be caused by dust or dirt on the brakes, loose pads vibrating when applied, or worn pads.
  • A rhythmic noise or pulsating noise might mean you have a warped rotor.  In extreme cases, warped rotors cause the brake pedal also to pulsate underfoot. Don't confuse this with ABS feel.
  • Any constant brake noise means stop the car and start looking for the problem.

Once a year you should check:

  • "Run-out" - this is measured by placing a gauge on the part, and rotating the part 360 degrees. The total variation is recorded as the runout.
  • Warping
  • Wheel bearing play

Recommendations to follow:

  • Keep the hydraulic reservoir at the proper level with the fluid type recommended by Porsche. Never substitute or mix types of fluid. Never use old hydraulic fluid. Always use a fresh container.
  • Keep brakes clean by washing them off at the same time as your car. This keeps squeaky dust and dirt off the pads and makes brakes easier to inspect and work on.
  • Never spray, touch or drip any oil or lubricants on the brake friction surfaces. If this occurs, clean it off IMMEDIATELY.
  • Know your brake system - how it should work, feel and sound - before it acts up, so you'll know when something's wrong.
  • Check rotors for correct thickness. Replace the rotor at the same time as the pads if it is out of spec.
  • Keep a repair log with receipts when any service is performed on your Porsche.  Too many benefits of this to list!
  • After installing new pads, remember to "set" them properly. This conditions them for maximum performance and prevents premature failure. Instructions for setting pads is usually provided in the package with your new pads. 

Use Genuine Porsche Parts, to Keep Your Vehicle Perfectly Porsche.

An online Video Owner's Manual is now available! Click here.

It makes sense to choose genuine Porsche parts for quality and reliability you can depend on. Porsche parts are subjected to some of the most rigorous testing procedures in the industry. Of course, Porsche’s renowned endurance racing efforts have also proved to be an outstanding testbed for parts durability.

Porsche Driver's Selection
Clarity, excitement, precision – but you already know that from our sports cars. With a love of detail, we have created individual accessories for creative drivers who wish to shape their own environment. 

Porsche Tequipment 
You have already made your dream come true. Now it's time for those little extras. For the interior and exterior. With Porsche Tequipment, you can design your vehicle according to your individual wishes. All the options for your model are available in our Parts department.


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