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We Buy Cars at Porsche of San Diego!

Are you looking to get rid of your current car? Maybe its mileage is too high, it doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore or you’re just interested in something new. Lucky for you, our Porsche dealership in San Diego, CA, buys cars of every make and model. If you’re ready to discard the vehicle you’ve been driving around in, it’s time for you to visit Porsche of San Diego.

No matter what style, size or model year your vehicle is, we’ll provide you with a reasonable quote. Once you fill out and submit our simple online form, a representative from our dealership will contact you within 48 hours to make an offer. To complete the form, you need to know important information such as your car’s VIN number, mileage, trim and optional features that could increase the resale value. You can find the VIN on the driver-side door jam, on your insurance or registration information, and also on the driver’s side of the dashboard, through the windshield.

Don’t worry about being pressured to use the money we pay out toward a down payment for a vehicle in our Porsche inventory. Our staff won’t hassle you about buying a car if you’re not interested in our selection. Contact us at Porsche of San Diego to learn more today!


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